Epson Printer enables quick print.

Do you want to print photos and business documents shared on Slack easily?
By linking your printer with Epson Printer, you can print only few steps.

No need other App, No need to download files

No need to install new apps or download files for printing.
You don't need to learn any special operation. You can print just by using the Slack you normally use.

Two printing methods

1. Print by forwarding

You can print shared document by only forwarding it to Epson Printer.

transfer file

2. Print with direct message

You can print by simply posting a file to Epson Printer as a direct message.
You can also print a file and a photo on your PC or smartphone.

select file

Let's start!

Let's link your printer with Epson Printer and print!

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Please streamline your work using Epson Printer!